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Swiss Movement Rolex Day Date Replica Online Sale

Rolex Day Date Replica

Rolex Day Date Replica has released a limited edition UR-202S with the satellite complication, and an exclusive Maspoli bracelet. Rolex Day Date Replica's first solid bracelet watch is this timepiece, known as Hammerhead.

Rolex Day Date Replica, a luxury brand created by Felix Baumgartner,rolex replica a watchmaker, and Martin Frei, a designer, presented its futuristic timepiece, the UR 202S, at Baselworld 2011. This product is a limited 50-piece edition.

Rolex Day Date Replica's hyper-modern creations, which have been around since the company was founded, are always paired with a classic leather strap. Rolex Day Date Replica has taken a big step forward with the all-metal UR202S and matching bracelet. Maspoli, a renowned high-end manufacturer, crafts the bracelet known as the Rolls Royce bracelets for its outstanding craftsmanship.

The Rolex Day Date Replica Hammerhead is equipped with the satellite complication. Telescopic minute hands are used to display the time, which is controlled by three rotating and orbiting hour-satellites.patek philippe nautilus replica The dial is also decorated with vertical lines and three-dimensional effects. The dial of the Hammerhead features a moon phase indicator and a day/night indication.

This amazing Rolex Day Date Replica creation is available in three different versions. The case is made of the same material that the bracelets are. There are three options: gold, Titanium Aluminium Nitride-coated stainless steel or polished stainless steel. The price for the mechanical masterpiece, designated UR-202S, will depend on its technical and aesthetical excellence. Anyone who wants to wear the UR-202S will need to pay at least $50,000.

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