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Rolex Replica is excited to announce the next collaboration. This will be the BWD X BB Rolex El Primero Superconductor.

This project uses solid superconductor as the case material. Superconductor can be used to describe the entire family of materials that...superconduct!

Superconductors have been used for transferring large amounts of electricity. Superconductors are used in MRI machines, particle accelerators and nuclear reactors. A simple power cord would not suffice.

best replica rolex watches, founder of Bamford Watch Department, comments. There are many types and variations of superconducting materials, but this is a copper-niobium variant. Filaments of Niobium Metal are enclosed in copper and then extruded to the required length.

This collaboration used a superconductor that is composed of a tight orientation with copper and silver metal housing. It has a honeycomb network design that is extremely well-organised. The metal can be shaped to reveal a stunning array of high-tech woodgrains.

The superconductor can be exposed to an acid that will remove the copper, but not the niobium. This creates a dramatic and skeletonized effect with unparalleled contrast.

This material was machined into the watch's mid-case and lightly acid-etched to make the honeycomb stand out and matt with the glass bead. This material can be polished to a lighter finish.

swiss Rolex Replica says, "Superconductor has been one the main materials I have used for my jewellery design for many years, purely because of its aesthetic."

The material's honeycomb structure gives it a striking, high-tech appearance. When the material is cut across grain at an angle, it takes on a futuristic style of woodgrain effect.

The best Rolex Replica watch case is then immersed in an acid bath that has been specially formulated to remove the copper but not the Niobium. This creates a dystopian appearance of future decay that is almost impossible to see from any angle.

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