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Rolex Air King Replica

The new Grand Rolex Air King Replica watch comes in three different variations. They come with 35.8mm steel, 18 karat or platinum cases. Each version has a crocodile band and a high definition anti-reflective Sapphire crystal coating. The main principles of this iconic model are high accuracy, durability and readability.

Limited editions of 130 gold and platinum models will be available, whereas 1,300 steel models will be made. The numbers correspond to the 130th anniversary.Rolex Air King Replica The price will range from 5.000 euros to 23,500 euros depending on the variation.

Rolex Air King Replica Ananta Under WaterRolex Air King Replica presents also the new Ananta automatic chronograph diver's watch, the leading timepiece in the Rolex Air King Replica130th Anniversary Commemorative Collection. This beautiful watch combines two traditional arts - Katana, and hand-painted laquer.

The Japanese watchmaker has adapted the watch to professional diving.Omega Aqua Terra Replica Watches They have taken care of safety and durability. The Rolex Air King Replica Ananta Automatic Chronograph Divers' watch is designed with a 44 mm robust stainless steel case. It also features a highly legible dial, and a shock resistant mechanism. The watch is waterproof up to 200 metres.

The 8R Caliber Automatic Movement is a redesigned movement with manual winding capabilities. It features a balancespring made from the in-house alloy SPRON610. The watch has three chronograph features (hour, 30 minute and second counters) and a power reserve of 45 hours.

Rolex Air King Replica commissioned Isshu Tamura to create a dial in jet black. This ensured high legibility. Mr. Tamura paints each dial layer by layer and polishes it. This dial is easy to read underwater thanks to the anti-reflective sapphire coating.

Rolex Air King Replica Ananta Automatic Chronograph Divers' watches are limited to 700 pieces. The watch will be available in the fall of this year on a global basis. The price will be around 4.000 Euros.

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