Learning about photography.


There are many ways to learn the art and skills of photography.


The most common yet strangely enough the most expensive method that can also take the longest time is to try and teach yourself.

The wide and diverse range of skills that are available to a working commercial photographer may be learnt by trial and error and some satisfactory results may be achieved by repetitive failures however being educated by a teacher will save you money and time.

Around Australia there are several reputable and well know educational establishments . These employ qualified teachers and have the resources to show, demonstrate and allow hands on experiences for there students.

Firstly you need to determine your field of photographic interest. The range of photographic skills is enormous and covers several hundred years of developmen. Through techniques and skills learnt in black and white film processing and printing to contemporary photo blogging and image creation.

Whether its colour or black & white, analogue or digital, still or video the skills required to produce the best results cannot be learnt quickly.



Deakin University

Photo studies college (PSC)


Melbourne Polytechnic


Cambridgein colour

Starting out & Pinhole photography


Smashing magazine


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